Anonymous said:
You were writing a Supernatural fic with a Winchester sister, right? What was the name of that fic?

haha no way you must have mistaken me for a HUGE NERD hahahahhaa

no im kidding i am a huge nerd and i definitely did that.  i plucked the vaguest semblance of a storyline from an original book of mine but as i was writing i realized i liked my version more than what i could contain in their universe so i stopped writing and then worked on the original one (well except for that second part b/c im a lazy) 

i probably could still write the fic and just further separate what i had originally done but that will require a lot more work.  i already had chunks of the story written and just had to re-adapt it to characters and circumstance (plus change the setting out of the late 19th century lmfao) 

anyway LONG STORY SHORT you’re not going to find the story online but if ur just generally curious about the name of the fic thennnnnnnn it was “revelations”

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Princess Tiana looking fabulous as always
(Credit to the Gold Dress goes to GFantasy92 on deviant art)




a paranormal mockumentary show in the style of the office/parks and rec

revolving around the lives of employees at a hokey haunted mansion tourist trap that turn out to be actually hella haunted but most of its spirits are either benevolent or ineffectively malevolent




Hannah + Breath of Life | for Annette


imagine if you woke up and your name was your url and you looked exactly like your icon