@mishacollins I read that fluid intake is the most important thing with endurance sports so if anyone wants to bring me beer on my run…
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is it weird that I sort of have a crush on Tom Jones?


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Do you miss working with Katie McGrath? A lot of your scenes in the early series were together…
Angel: Yeah, we haven’t worked together for a long time now. It’s been two or three years since we’ve actually had any direct involvement. There was a little bit last series, but generally we haven’t, so it was really nice to be working with her again. There’s a juicy storyline that we both get to play out, so yeah, it’s really fun.

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"My greatest misfortune would be to marry into a family who would carry me as their shame as I have been required to carry my own mother. Her apparent crime to be born negro and mine to be the evidence. Since I wish to deny her no more than I wish to deny myself you will pardon me for wanting a husband who feels ‘forgiveness’ of my bloodline is both unnecessary and without grace."

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  • me, about to get mauled to death by a wolf: puppy! who's a handsome puppy
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spn meme
six side characters 1/6

"Damn right they’re flawed. But a lot of them try. To do better, to forgive. And you should see the Spearmint Rhino! I’ve been riding the pine a long time. But I’m in the game now, and I’m not on your side, or Michael’s. I’m on theirs."

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